December 7th, 2017

Today is the anniversary of the death of Cicero, the great Roman orator, lawyer, statesman and writer.

Cicero. Bust, Musei Capitolini, Rome












In 43 BCE, the “Father of the Fatherland” was assassinated at the command of Octavian (future Augustus) and Mark Antony.  According to the story, Cicero had begun to flee his house, but when he heard the men coming for him, he ordered his litter to be put down, and stoically offered his neck to the sword.  By order of Mark Antony (who hated Cicero for the many speeches he had given against him), Cicero’s head and hands were chopped off, and displayed in the Forum.  Antony’s wife pulled a pin from her hair and stuck it through his tongue.  There could be no clearer message that the great speaker and writer had been silenced.

On a lighter note, I’ve had several readers ask if I will be personalizing copies of The Song of Achilles for holiday gifts again.  The answer is yes!  Signed and personalized books are actually available all year round at Main Point Books.  Just click here, and write any personalization you’d like in the notes box.

Finally, I’ve decided to try my hand at Instagram.  You can find me there under madeline.e.miller.

I am wishing everyone a very happy holiday season!


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