I am happy to talk to book clubs, either in person (geography allowing), by phone, or on Skype.  I am also always delighted to hear from readers.  Use the form below if you’d like to send me a note!  I try to answer everything, but sometimes I am slow, I’m sorry!

You can also find me on Facebook, and Instagram.  Very rarely, I am on Twitter @MillerMadeline.

I have just turned on the Ask the Author feature on Goodreads, so you can also ask me questions through that. 

Literary Representation:

Julie Barer
The Book Group
20 W. 20th Street, NYC, NY 10011

For UK publicity inquiries for both Circe and The Song of Achilles, please contact:
Ros Ellis
Head of Publicity, Fiction

For US publicity inquiries for Circe, please contact:
Carrie Neill
Publicity Manager
Office: 212-364-1437

For US publicity inquiries for The Song of Achilles, please contact:
Heather Drucker
HarperCollins Publicity

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